In a recent Instagram post, Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt shared a video of his bandmate Tom Hunting before he went into surgery and gave some details about his friend and bandmate’s current state of health.

About two months ago, Gary announced that Tom was diagnosed with cancer, and he started a fundraiser to help him to pay his medical bills. Since then, Tom has been showing his gratefulness to the rock and metal community who’ve been by the musician’s side supporting him both morally and materially.

Upon receiving chemotherapy treatment for a while, Tom is finally ready to undergo surgery to remove the tumor from his belly. Prior to the surgery, the drummer wanted to call out to the Exodus fans and in order to do this, he recorded a video and sent it to his bandmate Gary Holt.

Tom said that he is thankful for all the support he received from their devoted fanbase and promised he will get over this disease as soon as the surgery ends. With this message, he relieved his followers who have been praying for his recovery whilst waiting for their Exodus’ new album and tour which can only become reality when the drummer heals.

Later on, Gary also revealed his feelings about the surgery while saying that it will take about four to five hours to see Tom once again. Moreover, he showed that he can not wait to get back on stage with his friend following his recovery.

You can check out Tom Hunting’s video below.

Following few hours, Gary shared another post on his Instagram account and announced that Tom has come out of surgery without any problems and that everything went according to plan.

Furthermore, Gary said that the gastrectomy is completed and all cancer and mesothelioma nodules are now removed, which means that Tom will actually fully recovered from cancer after just a few months. Additionally, Gary stated that Tom is heavily sedated right now and cannot talk, but he will be giving an update in the near future about his health status.

Gary Holt wrote:

“Great news! So Tom came out of surgery about 45 minutes ago, he’s still heavily sedated but everything went according to plan. Gastrectomy complete, heavily sedated but all cancer and mesothelioma nodules removed.

He’s a warrior. I’ll give updates later as I get them, it’s been a stress-filled day, thank you to everyone for all the positive vibes. Much metal love.”

You can check out the picture that Gary shared below.

Photo Credit: Gary Holt – Instagram