One of the legendary guitarists of thrash metal, Gary Holt, has posted a new photo on his official Instagram page, sharing his retirement guitar called ‘Angel.’

In the caption of his photos, Gary said that he was recalling some of the performs with his veteran guitar, which used on ‘Angel of Death’ for virtually every U.S. show. 

You might see in the photos, you can easily notice the repairs on this guitar. Also, Gary Holt added that the guitar was missed only two shows at the farewell tour of Slayer.

Here’s what Gary Holt captioned:

“Some pics of “Angel”, the guitar used on Angel of Death for virtually every US performance of the song since the day these guitars were delivered, and a ton of other countries too.

You can see the repairs made to ensure this baby finished her job and made it to the end, missing only two shows while the glue set. It played the final song, the final chords , that ended an era. Signed and ready to go on the wall! And I mean MY WALL!😆”

An Instagram user named cannellaguitar commented and said this:

“I remember that guitar well!”

Another fan named chad_thunderhorse wrote this:

“Wait… you’re selling that guitar? 😮”

See the Instagram photos below.