Exodus and Slayer’s guitar expert Gary Holt posted a new photo on his verified Instagram page and revealed that Instagram is deleting his posts which has ‘Kill The Kardashians’ merchandise on it.

As you might already familiar with the news that Gary Holt is producing lots of stuff that has his own slogan called ‘Kill The Kardashians’ and selling it on his official eBay store.

Today, Gary posted yet another photo and announced that Instagram is deleting his certain posts related to Kardashians. So, he will have to censor the photos if he wants to continue sharing his merch.

Here is what he wrote on the caption:

“Since someone seems to be continually getting certain posts removed, I’m here to tell you all, now back in stock, a certain set of sweatbands, shown here in all their censored glory!! Link in my profile as always, and all designs in stock as well!”

An Instagram personality named bigred2039 wrote this:

“Why are people so sensitive? Kill the censorship.”

Another user, pat_de_backamebolijks shared his opinion:

“I’m sure the Kardashians don’t give a fuck. It’s the scummy lawyers who bill the Kardashians, millions to get this shit removed are the ones who are ‘bothered’ all the way to the fucking bank!!”

Check out Gary’s latest post right below.