The former Slayer guitarist Gary Holt has shared a bunch of new photos on his verified Instagram account today and revealed that his recently sent photos of his merchandise have been censored by Instagram once again.

As you might already remember, Gary had a lot of issues with Instagram about promoting his ‘K*** The Kardashians’ merch in the past and his posts were flagged by the Instagram administration. This time, Instagram censored the inverted cross on the photos as well as The Kardashians shirts.

Holt fans can check out and buy a lot of merchandise from ‘Wanted! Dead Or Alive Pick Set! to ‘Exodus Blood In Blood Out Pick, With GH Niner Version’ by visiting Official Holt Awaits Big Cartel Store. However, there are not any items on the eBay Store of Gary right now.

Here is what Holt said:

Ugh… Once again, even though I self-censored, I missed one! And of course, down goes my posts!!! Anyway, all sizes in stock from small to 3X!

Hit the link tree in my profile and go to the Big Cartel store! International orders; hit the eBay link!”

Municipal Waste drummer Dave Witte commented:

“Wearing my Baloff T today actually!”

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