Slayer guitarist Kerry King joined an interview with Louder Sound and shared how Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine felt after his departure from Metallica. He also recalled the times when he was performing with Megadeth.

Dave Mustaine became Metallica’s original guitarist when James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich hired him shortly after they founded the band. However, Mustaine was able to stay in the band for a year as the guitarist was fired by the other band members because of his addiction problems.

Metallica recruited Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett as their new guitarist in 1983 while Mustaine founded his own band Megadeth. The guitarist stated that it was a hard process for him but he had to continue to produce and perform in the previous interviews that he participated in.

As the person who played with Megadeth for a tour in 1984, Kerry King revealed that Mustaine was probably resentful following his forcible departure from Metallica. He highlighted that the guitarist was so talented that he thought Mustaine helped shape Metallica’s style.

In King’s words, he said:

Probably but I looked up to Mustaine ever since he was in Metallica. I was in the crowd with Jeff actually, saying, ‘Look at that dude! He’s just ripping up there!’ He’s got a great style and in the beginning, it helped Metallica become what Metallica is. Let me tell you something – to this day, he’s a great guitar player.

I played five shows, and then Dave wanted me to stay around, but I didn’t have any reason to stay around because I had Slayer. I remember having a conversation with him and saying like, ‘Yeah, but we have all this dark stuff’, and Mustaine saying something like, ‘Well, we’ve got this song, it’s pretty Satanic,’ and I was like, ‘At the end of the day, dude, it ain’t about that. I came to play with you. I think it went spectacularly well but it’s time for me to get back to my band.’”

In addition, Kerry King revealed that Dave Mustaine wanted him to join Megadeth but he didn’t accept his offer because he was focused on his own band Slayer which would become a member of the big four of thrash metal along with Megadeth.