In a recent interview made by Eddie Trunk, Slayer guitarist Kerry King explained his thoughts about Queen and Brian May. He revealed his first meeting with Brian May. 

Here’s the statement:

“Brian May wanted to come and meet us. We all took pictures with Brian May. He came out to meet us on our way to the stage because we had to pass their compound. So he came out when we were on our way to the stage and we all grabbed pics.

I wasn’t going to and everybody else did and I’m like, ‘Who am I kidding? When am I gonna see Brian May again?’ And after we played I went up and watched like half of their set.

I had a setlist in my hand so I can see what was coming up. I got like halfway through and then I bailed because you want to leave before the last band.”

He also talked about Adam Lambert:

“I thought it was good. The one thing I miss is, and Tom [Araya] agreed, I’m like ‘What’s missing?’

He said, ‘The rasp.’ He didn’t have a raspy voice like Freddie Mercury. And he nailed it and I’m like ‘That’s what I’m missing!'”


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