Speaking to Loudersound, thrash metal legend Slayer’s founder and guitarist Kerry King talked about his teenage years. Interviewer asked ‘were you a good student?’, Kerry responded:

“I was really good at school until I discovered girls, and then it was all over. It’s a good thing I didn’t plan on college or anything because I probably would have failed miserably.

I was such a smart kid, but once high school came around and girls were in the picture, the grades went south. I remember in Junior High, I got the math award for the entire school, so marks weren’t a problem, but once you put the tits and the pussy in the equation, school went right out the door.”


“So having discovered sex, when did you discover rock’n’roll?”

Kerry said:

“When I started to play guitar I got into heavy music, because I had older sisters so I knew what heavy music was. I found Judas Priest on the radio, various songs from the British Steel record, so I had to go and do my homework because the songs you heard on the radio were always Breaking The Law and Living After Midnight, and they’re not exactly the heaviest Priest songs.

Before that I was really into Van Halen. I probably saw them six times on the first three albums, and that’s a pretty good place to start for a guitar player! It was a challenge to be like Eddie Van Halen back then, and it’s still a challenge now.”

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