Thrash metal legend Slayer’s guitarist Kerry King was interviewed by Klaq 95.5 FM radio station. He talked about Slayer’s new album and they possibility of retirement.

Here is Kerry King on new album:

We do have a bunch of new material that no one’s ever heard, and if the lyrics don’t change that musically, the songs are done — full production, with [producer] Terry Date from the last record. So I’m gonna work on lyrics with that in mind, but if I get some awesome idea that the song has to change, we’ll have to record it again. But I’m sure some of them won’t. So it’s a very cool place to be, ’cause we’ve never been in this position with this many songs — they weren’t leftovers, they just weren’t finished.”

On Slayer’s retirement:

I don’t think it’s gonna be for a while, because if I gear down to not do this, I don’t wanna come back and do it anymore. I don’t wanna be that band that goes away and comes back, and goes away and comes back. I wanna play ’till we’re done, and be done with it. Hopefully that’s not soon.

You can watch to all interview below.