Chilean American musician and also the vocalist and bassist of Slayer, Tom Araya, took to his official Instagram account yesterday and slammed Instagram administrators for deleting his posts without any warning.

As Tom shared a sensitive content that was said that the video may contain graphic or violent content, he also went to the comment section to curse at Instagram and mention that they did not even warn him to delete or change the posts.

After he has shared the ‘sensitive content’ video, almost 70K people liked the post he has shared and many of them had fevered conversations about the upcoming elections.

Here is what he wrote on the caption:

“Trump supporter, we got a trump supporter”…

F*%ked up sh*t!”

Later on, an Instagram user and Tom Araya fan named Hendrick wrote this:

“Congrats on your first ‘censored’ Instagram vid!!🤣😂🤘”

Tom Araya responded:

“They’ve deleted 2 posts. No warning just deleted fuckers!!”

You can check out the video he has shared right below.