Rock Feed shared a recent YouTube video on its official account and revealed the latest status on Chris Fehn vs. Slipknot lawsuit.

According to the Rock Feed, Slipknot’s business manager Robert Shore made a recent statement and slammed Chris Fehn and his lawyer.

Here is what he said (Transcribed by UltimateGuitar):

“Mr. Fehn performed with Slipknot and received a fee for doing so. He is not a shareholder, owner or member of any business entity he names as a defendant in this action.”

Robert also declared for the first time that percussionist Clown and frontman Corey Taylor are the controlling the owners of the band.

Here is his statement:

“Defendants, Michael “Shawn” Crahan and Corey Taylor, are founding members of the musical band professionally known as ‘Slipknot’ (the ‘Band’).

All remaining defendants are entities through which the band’s business is or was conducted.”

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