Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg recently gave an interview to Full Metal Jackie’s, and in the radio show, he talked about Joey Jordison’s legacy, who passed away on July 26, 2021.

Former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison was one of the co-founders and co-songwriters of the band. Jordison continued to play with Slipknot until 2013 when the band announced that he left due to personal reasons. Jordison didn’t give any further details at the time but explained that he was fired from the band after being diagnosed with a neurological disease.

After being diagnosed with the condition, Jordison said that he lost the ability to use his legs and couldn’t play anymore. In an interview in 2016, Jordison revealed that his bandmates wrongly assumed that he was battling drug addiction, and that was why he got fired. Jordison also added that he doesn’t blame them for that, and he just needed to move on with his life.

Jay Weinberg started to play with Slipknot after Joey’s departure and he has been a full-time member since 2014. During the conversation on Full Metal Jackie, Weinberg was asked about Jordison’s death, and he expressed that it deeply affected him.

Weinberg also stated that he wants to preserve Jordison’s legacy by giving his full energy to keep the band’s spirit alive. According to Weinberg, music is the most genuine way of paying tribute to Joey Jordison, and he intends to honor him by contributing to Slipknot’s music.

Here is what Weinberg said on Jordison’s passing:

“I think with Joey’s tragic passing, of course, we’re all affected. And I would never wanna speak for my older brothers who started this band with Joey, but certainly, it has been heavy. And I think, to me, the way of preserving Joey’s legacy, Paul’s legacy, is really just committing my full self to the ethos and spirit of this band. They live through this music, without a doubt.

So, to me, that’s the most true tribute we can give. As a collective to their memory, their art, their music, what they contributed to this world that has, and will forever have, a lasting impact is just to give all of ourselves to this music. To me, that’s the most tried-and-true way to honor those who have fallen.”

Weinberg was already a huge fan of Slipknot from a young age, and he was very excited when he was invited to the auditions. Apparently, he has a good grasp of the band’s music, and he will try to do his best to continue their legacy.