Slipknot’s well-known drummer Jay Weinberg was recently interviewed by Kaaos TV and reacted to the honor of being named as the best drummer in the world right now.

You might already remember that Music Radar made a really huge poll in November and Jay Weinberg took the gold medal after passing Slayer’s Paul Bostaph and Korn’s Ray Luzier.

As Jay is really appreciated by the fans’ attention, he also thinks that the music community is so subjective that fans’ comments can change every day of the week.

Here are Jay’s statements:

“It’s very flattering – I’m honored to receive any kind of recognition like that. I’m grateful that people choose to spend time with our music and take notice of whatever contribution I’ve given to our music, the collective of Slipknot – that means a lot to me.

Music is so subjective, and somebody’s favorite drummer is somebody else’s… With anything subjective like that, I’m very appreciative of it but, to me, what I’m most honored by is that people choose to interact with the music in some way and let it into their lives and come out to the shows.”

He continued:

“That, to me, is the real concrete, you know, that’s what that means. I’m honored, I’m flattered, but the work continues every day. It’s not really something that I think about every day. I’m appreciative that people interact with our music. That’s pretty much the main point.”

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