Slipknot and Stone Sour’s lead vocalist, Corey Taylor, seems to have changed his career path and increased his fame on other forms of art, after being one of the most famous metal stars of all time.

Corey Taylor is known for his successful career as the vocalist of Slipknot for over a decade. He is also the vocalist of the rock band Stone Sour and his performance has been highly accredited in both bands.

Now, it seems like Corey Taylor wants to change his career path without losing his identity as an artist. ‘Rucker (The Trucker)’ is a new horror film directed by Amy Hesketh and produced by Aaron Drane, which described as a genre-bending horror or terror film about a trucker who tries to reconnect with his family by killing women who remind him of his ex-wife.

Even though Corey Taylor is highly devoted to his music career, it seems like he is excited to improve himself in other forms of art too. His interest to expand his horizons and be a part of new projects has made him an exemplary artist.

Aaron Drane had worked with Corey Taylor during the filming of ‘Fear Clinic‘ which made Corey a perfect candidate for the main role of their new film ‘Rucker.’ Corey’s talent as an actor was praised when he starred in ‘Fear Clinic’ and his fans are now excited to see him on the big screen once again.

When talking about how he decided to partake in the new film, Corey said that it was easy as they had worked together with Aaron Drane in the past, and his acting apparently left a lasting impression.

Here what Corey said:

“It was as easy as Aaron reaching out to me. He and I worked together on ‘Fear Clinic’, and apparently I left a lasting impression. He sent me ‘Rucker’ and we were able to make the time work, and it was boom, boom, boom — the rest is history.”

Drane on the other hand seems to be thrilled to work together with Corey Taylor again as he said that he admires his talent and describes Corey as a true rockstar and the coolest guy he knows.

Here is what Drane said about Corey starring in ‘Rucker’:

“He’s a rock star. I mean that in every sense of the word. He is one of the coolest guys I know, and he’s somebody who has to function at a very high level, yet really goes far out of his way to help other people achieve their art.”

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