Corey Taylor, the lead vocalist, and lyricist of the iconic band Slipknot opened up about what he thinks about another iconic band, Metallica, and revealed an old story about a stadium tour in Australia canceled because of the frontman James Hetfield.

Corey Taylor expresses his and his bandmates’ admiration for Metallica when he is asked during every interview. During an interview a while back with Apple Music, Taylor has spoken about Metallica’s longevity and career success has offered a blueprint that his band will continue to follow.

Here is what Taylor said:

Metallica was definitely, they were the high watermark man, they were the band to achieve. That was our blueprint, basically. But we took so much from so many different bands as well that it would be unfair to say it was just Metallica that really guided us. Obviously, they were still finding ways to challenge themselves. That’s the key.”

During a recent interview with 93X, since Corey Taylor is extremely outspoken about his admiration for Metallica and he is open-minded about talking about pretty much anything, the interviewer asked Taylor about a Metallica-Pantera-Slipknot show. Taylor stated that it probably would be biblical while praising Metallica.

Taylor also revealed that Slipknot and Metallica had a possible stadium tour back in the days, he stated that the two legendary bands were supposed to go on a stadium tour in Australia yet James Hetfield came off the road and it never happened.

Here is what Taylor said:

“Oh my God, that would have been biblical! We’ve played shows with Metallica and it’s the one band that has always been up, those are our peers. But they always make us step our game up. They’re legends! They’re already legends!

But they’re also probably the biggest influence on us. And they’re some of our good friends. We were actually going to do a stadium tour with them in Australia before James had to come off the road.

And I’m hoping that we can still do that because that was something that we’ve never played – stadiums. Metallica‘s not done stadiums down there in a long time, so we were both looking to tour at the same time and we said, ‘Hey, let’s just do that!'”

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