Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor had a recent conversation with the YouTube channel of 95.5 KLOS this week and talked about his debut album CMFT and the possible sequel of it as well as when and how he wrote the lyrics of his first album.

As you might already know, Corey has released his first-ever solo album named ‘CMFT’ in the last-quarter of 2020 and released five different songs as singles so far. The album was released by Roadrunner Records and according to Corey himself, it was something that he always wanted to do: Making songs that fans will not hear in any Slipknot or Slipknot album forever.

In his latest interview with KLOS, Corey Taylor stated that most of the album was written during the Slipknot tour before the self-quarantine days. According to Corey, his idea was making the ‘CMFT 2’ as soon as the quarantine ends and touring on full of songs from two different albums.

He also announced that they’ve demoed every single song from the upcoming album and they know exactly what to do in the post-coronavirus days.

Here is what he said:

“A lot of people don’t know this – I’ve been sitting on the songs for 1, 2, and 3 for a while. Almost everything on ‘CMFT’ was written prior to me even thinking about doing a solo album, with the exception of two songs that I wrote during the last Slipknot tour, that I was actually on, right before the pandemic hit.

And then we kind of went in, and then we eventually ended up doing the album itself. Everything else predates, it’s like 10 to 15 years old even, or even longer and that’s very much the case with like everything else that I’ve got compiled for ‘CMFT 2’ and beyond.”

He continued:

“The original idea was to after the pandemic was done go in record ‘CMFT2,’ and then once everything is lifted, we go out and we tour on two albums. That may still happen, just not as quickly as I was thinking. It’s sounding like I’m gonna do some Slipknot here shortly, but we’ll circle back to that.

We actually demoed everything that’s going to be on ‘CMFT 2,’ so we have the skeletal structure and everything, we know exactly what we’re gonna do. So when the time comes, we can just go in, blast it out, super easy. The way we did it before, just all of us together in a room and just vibing together. So we’re stoked about that.”

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