Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor spoke in a recent interview with Full Metal Jackies and talked about the things that make him angry.

As you might remember, Corey released his solo debut album CMFT earlier this year and he’s on his CMFTour for a while. In his latest interview, Corey mentioned the fact that people want to create chaos on social media between themselves and love to be around the toxicity even though it’s really bad for them.

While he was talking about the problems of the internet, Corey also revealed that the thing that makes him angry most of the time is being right, especially about social media. Meanwhile, he shared that every single person in social media is spreading the toxicity.

Furthermore, the iconic singer pointed out that nobody could make a move without making somebody pissed off during these days and showed how bad the situation is around social media.

Here is what Corey said in his latest interview:

“The thing that surprises me the most is that most people can’t get there themselves. There’s definitely a vacuum in this country — and around the world — of common sense. And I think it really kind of comes from this need to embrace almost a social chaos.

Corey continued on sharing his opinion about social media. People have trained themselves to only really be comfortable if there’s drama going on, which is just so toxic. We’re spreading this toxicity to people that can only really be cured once people go, ‘Man, I don’t need this in my life.’

So, to me, that’s really the thing that blows my mind — that people seek that out half the time. They go looking for it or they sit back and they turn it into a punchline until it really affects their life. And then they go, ‘Oh, there’s nothing funny about it. Nine times out of 10, I get really mad when I’m right, to be honest.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.