The lead vocalist and lyricist of Slipknot, Corey Taylor, explained how exhausting and consuming it is to perform for Slipknot after all those years, on a podcast episode of the ‘Off Menu With Ed Gamble and James Acaster,’ also, he referred himself and the other members of the band ‘stupid.’

Taylor actually mentioned the physical damage of performing with Slipknot last month in another podcast, SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation Virtual Invasion.’ He explained how he has been creating music for none other than his passion, and often he is into extreme music, so extreme that sometimes the band has to calm him down, according to Taylor.

Here is what he said:

“I’m still as into extreme music as I’ve always been. That’s just a side of me that I’ve always been into. It’s never hard enough; it’s never crazy enough. And sometimes the band has to calm me down when it comes to the stuff that I write.”

Recently Corey Taylor, once again, opened up about putting on a high-energy live show more than 20 years with Slipknot. He stated aging and how every member has at least one surgery is forgotten when they start performing.

Also, Taylor referred to this endless passion and hard work of the band ‘stupidity’ since he thinks he doesn’t get why they are doing this.

Here is what Taylor said about performing and the damage:

“We still tour like we’re 25, ’cause we’re stupid. And we’re just fucking running all over the place. We’ve all had at least one surgery. It’s, like, what the fuck are we trying to prove at this point? I can kick my own ass. You fucking watch.

“I don’t get it, man.”

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