In a recent interview with Loudwire Nights, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor talked about the possible impact of President Donald Trump‘s statements and urged fans to be careful about taking him seriously.

As you might know, Slipknot and Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor has been showing his reaction against the statements of President Donald Trump often on social media platforms or during the interviews he joined.

In a previous interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Corey Taylor commented on the actions of Donald Trump and stated:

“It is embarrassing that he is the ‘leader of the free world’. I will never give him the qualification for that shit. He can’t go away fast enough.

You can paint him as racist, or egotistical, or a tyrant, or all of this shit: He’s a moron and the people who voted for him? Fucking morons too. It doesn’t matter why they voted for him, whether they are racist, or they want money.”

Recently, Corey Taylor joined an interview with Loudwire Nights to talk about the famous rapper Kanye West’s bizarre statements on social media and the impact of celebrities like him on people’s life. He also mentioned the current President of U.S. Donald Trump was another example that people should be very careful about.

During the interview, Taylor emphasized that we shouldn’t be taking Trump’s remarks seriously and added:

“when he says some of that shit, people take him seriously. It’s like Donald Trump — people take what he says very seriously, and that’s a danger. So we have to be very, very careful and watch what’s being said.”

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