Slipknot and Stone Sour’s legendary frontman Corey Taylor was the latest interview guest of the YouTube channel of Men’s Health and talked about how he’s investing his money and one of the worst money blow up ever.

As you might already follow that Corey Taylor has published his debut album named ‘CMFT’ and also released his wrestling video game as the promotion of his new album.

This week, Corey has opened up about the place of the money in his wife to share what people need to do if they don’t want to lose money. According to Corey, not spending what he had is the first rule and there can be nothing worse than spending yourself for oblivion.

Corey also confessed that he bought a $10.000 worth of DVD’s with his first paycheck and that was the worst financial decision he’s ever had. Later on, he invested some of his oldest friend’s tattoo parlor but in the end, it wiped him of $35K.

Here is what he said to Men’s Health:

“Having grown up poor, when you get money for the first time nobody walks you through what to do with it. You just kind of explode.

If you move into the right neighborhoods and someone sells a house for one price, and it’s more than what you paid for your house, you will walk into money… And you didn’t even do anything.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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