Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor talked about how he has been writing songs in Slipknot during a recent appearance on Full Metal Jackie.

In the conversation, Corey mentioned the anger he had about the world and system still there even though he is older and revealed that there are also other things to keep him going.

Furthermore, Corey pointed out that Slipknot’s main audience is adults right now, and they are dealing with real problems in life. Because of that, he needed to find a new trick to still being listened to by these people.

According to Corey, the trick is writing the songs in a way that doesn’t seem like they are writing for them. Instead, they are writing the songs in a way that everyone could relate to their lives.

Here is what Corey Taylor said:

“When you hit a certain age, you realize that the anger’s still there, the passion’s still there, the anger’s still there, but it’s different things that rile you up – it’s different things that keep your buttons going.

Our original audience are adults now, they’re dealing with real problems, dealing with real issues.

The trick has been to write in a way that doesn’t seem that we’re just clearly writing for them, but also write in a way that appeals to a younger generation as well without coming off as phony, without coming out as forced. It all comes down to that.”

He continued:

“So for me, the trick has been to write things that feel like people anywhere can relate to, no matter what walk of life.

No matter what color you are or country you come from, it’s tricky to want to have everyone embrace it, especially when there’s so much pent-up frustration in the world.”

While Corey was explaining that they are working on songs that anybody could embrace, he also touches upon the importance of having a young fan base in the interview.