Slipknot’s legendary frontman, Corey Taylor’s beloved son, Griffin Taylor posted a couple of new photos of him and his lovely cat, Lilly.

Unfortunately, Griffin revealed that Lilly will be put down on Friday because of his long-time battle against cancer.

Griffin penned a heartbreaking letter to his buddy.

Here is what he wrote:

“So…. my cat Lilly is gonna be put down on Friday because she has cancer. I have had Lilly since I was a baby. I played with her, loved her and I cherished her.

She protected me from monsters, the dark, and my depression. I would come home from school to find her curled up underneath my bedsheets.

I don’t have many pictures of her. But these pics will be a reminder that Lilly was my best friend. And I am going to miss her so fucking much.”

You can see these tear-inducing photos below.