As you might already remember, the official website of Slipknot has made a recent announcement many months ago and clarified that they had to postpone most of their shows in many countries, including Japan, Mexico, France, Colombia, and United Kingdom.

As the website announced the rescheduled dates of shows, fans had seen the name of Alicia’s work with fire-breathing group Cherry Bombs on the headline, and they’ve blamed Alicia with using her husband’s name to rise once again.

This week, Alicia Taylor took to her official Twitter account and responded to the haters. According to Alicia, the promoters are not spreading money just because she’s the wife of a famous frontman, and it’s her and her dance mates’ talent that makes them unique.

Here is what Alicia wrote on her latest tweet and responded to the critics that she and Cherry Bombs wouldn’t have gotten Knotfest without Corey Taylor:

“Shows don’t work that way. Promoters don’t freely give out thousands of dollars just because someone is married to someone else.

They have to justify the expense and there has to be interested.

God some of you are dense.”