Slipknot icon Corey Taylor shared the photo of his operated knees with his followers on Instagram by request.

Corey also wrote a short message and revealed that he hopes to be on stage this week.

Here is what he wrote:

“By Request. Surgery was swell, but here’s to hoping the swelling goes down. See you motherfuckers this weekend. #youcantkillme #cuzimalready #insideyou

You can see the photo below:

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor also shared a recent video on his Instagram paged and informed his followers after the knee surgeries he had this week.

Here is what he said on the video:

“Hey everybody! I just got out of surgery. The doctor said everything was great. Just cleaned up a bunch of stuff out there. I will be back on stage no time!”

Corey’s fiancee Alicia Dove also shared the latest information on her Twitter page.

Here is what she said:

“He did great in surgery, Doc said she cleaned all the gunk out from his knees, and he’ll be back to prancing to and fro in time for Kimmel and our show on the 19th! Pain free! 🤘

Only downside – he didn’t get to bring home that backless hospital gown. Heyyooo!”

You can see the posts below:

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Update! Success! See you guys next weekend!

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