Slipknot has already announced that new album will be released next summer. They also released the first single from the album: “All Out Life.”

The band shared a post on their official Facebook and Twitter page. They announced a new website:

This website name refers to their latest single, All Out Life’s lyrics, “We are not your kind”. It will possibly reveal the details about summer tour and maybe the name of their new album.

If you enter the site on dektop, there will be an advice like that: Please Visit From Your Mobile Device. If you do that, the same area will have another sentence: Share Your Location. When you click that button, the site teases a mysterious date: “8.9.2019”

It seems, August 9th will be the big day for all Slipknot fans. Almost everybody thinks that it will be the release date of their latest studio album.

We also have another ‘tease’ from Slipknot’s Corey Taylor. One of fans asked:

“Can we acknowledge how confusing y’all’s teaser was today @coreytaylor, no disrespect by the way. Anyways, can you like this comment if we’re getting another song in 3 days and comment if we’re not ;)”

Correy, just answered with an emoji.

Here is the latest Slipknot single, All Out Life: