Slipknot guitarist Jim Root talked about the upcoming projects of the band during a recent interview with Guitar Interactive Magazine.

As you might already know, Slipknot percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan has confirmed that the band will be releasing a new album in 2021 recently, named Look Outside the Window, following the ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ album that released back in 2019.

Look Outside the Window will be the last album that Roadrunner Records will take a part on Slipknot albums, and the materials in this album were actually recorded during the All Hope Is Gone album back in 2008.

Amid the conversations about the upcoming album of Slipknot, Jim Root revealed that there are actually tons of unreleased materials on Slipknot’s side that could be released in the future.

Additionally, Jim revealed that there were actually lots of songs that couldn’t make it to the album and said that these tracks could be re-used in future albums. But, he didn’t reveal any details about it.

Here is what Jim Root said:

“Which one? There’s a couple. There’s Look Outside the Window that’s something that Clown and I were working on when we were doing All Hope Is Gone.

We’ve been talking about putting it out since that happened and I don’t know what will ever come of that, I don’t know what will ever happen with that.

It was really hard for us to pick the songs that ended up on this record. And it was really hard to slash some of the songs out and not put them on the record, so do those contribute to something that we could do in the future? Of course. If you’re a painter, you’re constantly painting.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.