Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor spoke in a recent interview with ‘Rock Feed,’ talked about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic by sharing his thoughts about the return of the live shows when the pandemic is over.

As we all know, all organizations around the world have been postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

While discussing the opening of the live shows after the lockdown, Taylor said that it’s going to be a soft opening for the live concerts.

Corey Taylor also said that the first opening shows will probably be in smaller venues because people are still going to be scared.

Here’s what Corey Taylor stated:

“It all depends on how we open this backup. You almost have to attribute it to the way that casinos are opened after… they do what’s called a soft opening, which is basically they open it before the grand opening and people wander through.

It’s not packed, it’s not huge, you’re basically just seeing what people are going to be into and see if they’re into what’s being provided.

That’s basically what they’re gonna do with this industry – there’s gonna be a soft opening; there are gonna be a handful of acts that go out there. They are gonna be the litmus test to see what the world is ready for.”

He continued:

“It’ll probably be in smaller venues ’cause people are gonna be fucking scared, man. Or maybe outdoor venues, where people don’t feel like they’re confined, they don’t feel like they’re too stuck together.

There’s gonna be a sense of paranoia for a while – even after there’s a fucking medicine developed – or a vaccine. So it’s gonna take time. There are gonna be some acts that have to fall on the sword.

If we do it right and we build that enthusiasm, probably within a year, maybe a year and a half, we’ll see the same enthusiasm for live shows that we did before.

Cause I think once people realize that everything is OK, people are gonna realize that they take for granted the fact that they haven’t been to a live show in a long time, and the live concert experience will be something that people come back to.

They’ll be tired of watching it on YouTube, tired of watching it on their phone, they’ll want to be in the experience. So I think we’re gonna see a real renaissance and explosion of live entertainment. It’s gonna be great for us.”

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