Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor’s fiancee Alicia Dove shared a recent tweet on her verified Twitter page and revealed a serious issue about her birth control pills.

Dove revealed that birth control pills made her periods disappear.

Here is her statement:

“A birth control I used to take practically made my periods disappear every month. Had it failed, I think it would take me longer than 6 weeks to realize it.”

A user named Taste the Beans‏ also shared her opinion:

“My IUD worked fine until it slipped out of place. Thankfully nothing happened. However, these dumbasses who say shit like “All these sluts having wreckless sex,” need to shut the hell up. A lot of sexually active women are on birth control and with a long term partner.

We are actively trying to prevent pregnancy by being on birth control. Yes, it can fail to human error and other reasons that aren’t always our fault, but they sure love to blame us should we end up with an unwanted pregnancy.”

You can see these tweets below: