Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor’s wife and talented dancer of Cherry Bombs, Alicia Taylor, took to her official Twitter account to answer one of the most wondered questions about herself.

As you might already know, Cherry Bombs are captivating the audience with their dances during the show, and they use a lot of fire and dangerous dance figures to impress the fans. Because of that, lots of fans wondering if Alicia has ever burned herself in these shows or not.

Alicia explained that she didn’t burn herself in her career and revealed the worst things that happened in the show. She said that she singed her eyelashes while eating fire and wind, and Alicia stated that she burned her shoelaces off for once.

Here is what Alicia Taylor wrote:

“People ask me all the time if I’ve burned myself and I have to say that the worst thing that has happened to me was either when I singed my eyelashes (eating fire + wind) or when I burned my shoelaces off.”

A fan user named Sailor said:

“I would cry for my eyelashes, but st least there are fakes at the store! Haha.”

Alicia Taylor replied:

“Ah! Yeah it wasn’t my real ones thankfully! I was performing so I had falsies on, and I went to rub my eye later on and felt something hard, checked it, and yep melted the fake lashes.

Peeled them off in a little bit of a panic, huge sigh of relief when the real ones were okay!”

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