Alicia Taylor, the wife of Slipknot icon Corey Taylor, shared the scary moment she experienced during the self-quarantine and said that she nearly had a heart attack.

Alicia Taylor posted a short and creepy video she took on the studio on her Instagram account. On the video, Alicia passes a door and a mannequin with the stage costume of Corey Taylor appears at the end of the hallway, which is a sight Alicia Taylor didn’t expect to see, as she admitted.

She explained the horror she felt as her fans commented on her post. Alicia said that she came out of the shower and went to the hallway since the puppy was barking there. It was the first thing she saw and she said that she was going to shriek. Alicia admitted that it is not an easy thing to be quarantined with a band.

Here is what Alicia Taylor said on her post:

“Being quarantined with a band will give you a heart attack. 🔪”

You can see Alicia’s post below.