Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson has posted a new video of himself on his official Instagram page and made a really interesting statement about his latest health status.

As you might see in the video, Sid Wilson appeared with a hospital gown in a car while trying to talk with a serum in his mouth.

In the caption of his video, Sid said that he had to left the hospital immediately after surgery to catch the movie named ‘Catch Hell’ of Ryan Phillippe.

Here’s what Sid Wilson captioned:

“That time I snuck out of the hospital right after surgery to go to @ryanphillippe s Catch Hell red carpet directorial movie debut.

They put my song Flat Lace in the flic 🎥🔊😁😂 #SID #djstarscream #0 #slipknot #youcrazy #escapefromla #hospitalgown #ivbag #stillconnected #lit 🤣”

An Instagram user named oktober_massacre commented and wrote this:

“What I wanna know is did u go to the debut looking exactly like that, wearing ur hospital gown & IV ??? LMFAO!!!”

Another fan named ladylutte said this:

“That’s my boy!!!”

Watch the Instagram video below.