The youngest member of Slipknot, Sid Wilson has shared a strange new photo on his official Instagram account.

He has showed his new haircut and style to his followers for the first time. Also, Sid chooses not to write anything specific on the photo but using the hashtags.

Here is what he wrote:

“Hittin #lafashionweek @artheartsfashion last night like… (fill in the blank) #SID #djstarscream #0 #slipknot @burningguitars #redcarpet #dgafs

#dontgiveafuckstyle @mach2point8ent #artheartsfashion.”

A fan named slipknart made the most-liked comment:

“You like my grandma hit me with her wooden spoon.”

Another fan named slipknott69_ said that:

“Dude, you’re awesome, congratulations on the work you’ve been doing.”

You can see the Instagram post below.