During a recent interview with ‘Louder Sound,’ Slipknot guitarist Jim Root talked about his current health status after the huge surgery, and he focused on an important point about the possible ending of the band.

While discussing their latest studio album, ‘We Are Not Your Kind,’ he shared some details about how Slipknot would end.

Here’s what Jim stated:

“I am amazed I can stand up most of the time. Three of us have had neck or back surgery now.

One day we will just be gone. That’s how I’d like it. No final tour, no announcement, no big drama.

We’ll just vanish and never come back, and you’ll forever be left wondering if Slipknot is even still a thing.”

Guitarist Mich Thomson also stated what he thinks about the 1999 version of Slipknot. He said:

“I don’t think about the end, because that, to me, insinuates that we have a finite amount of time that we can do this.

As long as I can play I’ll be getting wheeled onstage and playing shows. I look at Metallica and Iron Maiden and they’re still doing it. Why shouldn’t we?”

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