Slipknot’s iconic guitarist, Jim Root was recently interviewed by 93.3 WMMR and he admitted that his first mask from Slipknot’s first and self-titled album was a disaster at all.

As calling the band’s former member Josh Brainard’s mask a bummer, Jim said that he hated to wear that mask.

Here are the statements of Jim Root:

“Yeah, it was a bummer. The original with leather straps, it digs into your skull, pulls your hair and everything else, it sticks to your face if you’re not sweating and all that…

We were doing in-stores sometimes – a lot of the in-stores we did in the early days, in 2000 and when we first came to Europe and Australia and all that – it would be 5,000 or 6,000 people, you were there for 7-8 hours at a time, pissing in bottles underneath the table, singing, it was nuts, it was like a miniature version of Beatlemania or something.

He continued:

“We did the Golden Gods Awards and we got to hand an award to Lemmy, and I didn’t have a mask – I was in Stone Sour at the time, we were playing that event – so they grabbed one of my masks from the Grammy Museum next door, this place is in LA, and I had started growing my beard, it was pretty long, and I put that mask on it, and then I saw pictures of it and I was, like, ‘I got to figure that out.'”

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