The legendary frontman of Slipknot, Corey Taylor was the recent interview guest of the Uproxx editor, Kimberly Ricci and revealed the exact story of Slipknot icons new masks.

Corey revealed that they worked so hard to get new masks and also revealed who is behind the designing of their new looks.

Kimberly asked this:

“In the video, people also get a good look at your new mask, which is customary for a new Slipknot album. This one is particularly unsettling. Is it true that horror FX icon Tom Savini designed this mask?”

Corey Taylor responded and said that:

“Yeah, he helped me design it. We sat down together to make something that is disturbing. And it’s been fascinating to watch the reactions from people, especially how divisive it is. Honestly, I love it. To me, the worst thing that could happen is if people were dismissive about it, like “whatever.” People have a very strong opinion either way about how that mask looks and whatnot.

To me, that was the best thing about it. It’s supposed to cause a discussion. It’s supposed to make you make a decision, and that’s what I described to Tom, like I want[ed] this to look like something that was made for me, not for anybody else. It’s a very personal thing, and it’s to represent a host of different things. And the fact that it pisses so many people off is the icing on the cake.”

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