Corey Taylor’s long-time fiancee, and now his wife, Alicia Taylor posted a golden-worth photo from their wedding and hide the identity of Tortilla Man by censoring his face.

As you will read the caption, this special photo was taken by famous wedding photographers, Dallin and Cienna.

Here is what Alicia said about the photo:

“Thank you to our incredible family for joining us in celebrating and for filling our home with your love and light. This is what it’s all about. 💫🖤 Love you all so very much.
Photo: @dallinandcienna

A user named theblackcat127 wrote this:

“Bet that’s tortilla man with his face blurred out.”

Another user, amdisfit_ wrote this:

“I hope the haters are MAAAAAAAAD! 🤘🏾🤘🏾 #onelove”

Here is the zoomed version of the censored face:

You can see the Instagram post right below.