Vended, a brand new band that features two Slipknot members’ sons, announced their brand new single and upcoming EP release.

As you may have heard, a new band entered the metal scene in 2018, featuring Corey Taylor’s son Griffin on vocals and Clown’s son Simon on drums. The band gave their first performance in early 2020, and they have been working on releasing new material ever since.

Last month, the band dropped their debut single, ‘Asylum,’ just before performing on stage at Knotfest in Iowa. Two weeks after their first festival show, Vended released their second single, ‘Burn My Misery.’

Furthermore, the band announced that both singles will be a part of their upcoming EP, named ‘What Is It/Kill It,’ set to be released on November 12. The record is expected to have heavy sounds just like their first two singles.

Following the announcement, Corey’s wife Alicia showed her support for Griffin and his band Vended. After receiving several comments, one of which suggested that Cherry Bombs, Slipknot, and Vended should perform together, Alicia exclaimed that she would love to tour with her family.

Here’s the announcement from Vended via Instagram:

“What Is It/Kill It our debut EP, will be out everywhere on November 12. Until then, enjoy our second single ‘Burn My Misery’ streaming everywhere now.”

A fan told Alicia:

“Can we have a Slipknot, Vended, and Cherry Bombs tour to Australia, please?”

To which she replied:

“I would love nothing more than to tour with my family.”

You can check her post and the song below.