Slipknot revealed the person behind their mysterious percussionist named Tortilla Man via a post on their official Instagram account. In the picture, Tortilla Man is seen holding a paper with ‘I am Michael Pfaff’ written on it.

As the last member to join the band in 2019, Slipknot had a member whose identity had been concealed over the previous three years. This new member was the band’s percussionist, and fans have dubbed him as ‘Tortilla Man.‘ At the same time, fans have linked his identity as Michael Pfaff, a former member of Crahan’s side project Dirty Little Rabbits, as they had a solid reason.

In 2020, ‘New Guy Neck Gaiter Face Covering’ was uploaded to Slipknot’s shop with a second name as ‘Pfaff Neck Gaiter Face Cover.’ This accidental leak got the fans suspecting that it was Pfaff behind the mask. However, Slipknot hadn’t officially confirmed this claim until recently.

Though the man behind the Tortilla Man mask was supposed to be a question mark until now, Slipknot confirmed their fans’ allegations with an Instagram post. Many fans commented that they already knew that the man wearing the mask was Michael Pfaff. 

The caption of the Instagram post was a reference to the accidental leak in 2020 as it said that their fans were warned before. The post also gave the news of an AMA on Reddit that would take place at 2 pm. Thus, the fans moved to Reddit and got the chance to ask Pfaff their questions.

The caption of the IG post follows:

‘You’ve been warned.’

Michael Pfaff received many questions during the Q&A session, including one about how Slipknot hired him. He did not make a long explanation, saying that the entire story is thrilling and waiting to be revealed sometime soon.

Here is how he responded:

“The short answer is I got a phone call while I was working my day job. The story is pretty epic, and I hope to share it soon.”

You can check out Slipknot’s post below.

Photo Credit: Slipknot – Instagram