Alicia Taylor, the gorgeous wife of Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor, has posted a hilarious video on Instagram taken when she was doing makeup on Corey for his prank to the Los Angeles-based band, Steel Panther.

The founder and director of Cherry Bombs, Alicia Taylor, has exposed the process of Corey Taylor’s huge prank to his longtime friends in Steel Panther on her latest Instagram post.

In the sneak peek footage of the joke, Alicia puts lipstick on Corey, who tied his hair as two cute ponytails and wore some fake boobs. When Alicia Taylor asks his name, Corey says that his name is Cordelia from then on.

As you may know, the relationship between Taylor and Steel Panther goes back to 2011 as he was featured as a guest singer on ‘Death to All But Metal,’ the opening track on Steel Panther’s debut album, ‘Feel the Steel.’

The band played their collaboration on the main stage at Download Festival in June 2012, during which they were joined on stage by Corey Taylor. Back in April of 2020, Taylor also appeared on the lockdown video sessions of Panther, in which the band members reminded their fans what day is it since time flies in the self-quarantine period.

Here’s what Alicia Taylor said in her recent Instagram post:

“He wanted to prank Steel Panther so we got him ready. 😂🥰”

You can see Alicia’s post, the aforementioned appearance of Corey on Steel Panther’s video session, and the 2012 performance of the band with Corey Taylor below.