During a recent interview with Australian Guitar, Slipknot and Stone Sour’s lead vocalist, Corey Taylor, talked about his debut solo studio album and revealed the best compliment he has heard about his new album.

As you probably know, Corey Taylor spent most of his time during the pandemic, focusing on his debut solo album. His highly awaited album ‘CMFT‘ was officially released on October 2, 2020. However, Corey had already released the first two singles, ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’ and ‘Black EyesBlue’ prior to that.

His album was well-received and Corey Taylor fans were surprised with the music that their beloved artist had created. His new album can be described as a fusion of classic metal, folk-rock, blues, hip-hop, and punk rock. It would be very difficult to describe ‘CMFT,’ so it would be best if you checked it out.

During a recent interview, Corey Taylor talked about the time when he was working on his solo album and the ideas that he had in mind. One of the things that surprised his fans the most was how different Corey’s new album sounded in comparison to the songs he has performed and created as Slipknot and Stone Sour’s vocalist.

Corey Taylor simply said that, if he starts a project, he works on it wholeheartedly and that he puts in a lot of effort to create something new. He stated that as he wanted to create a solo album, it would not make sense for it to sound like either of the bands that he’s in. He said that his aim was to reflect ‘a whole different part of my musical prowess.’

Then he went on to talk about the reaction of his fans when his album was released. Corey Taylor said that the best compliment he has heard about this album came from the people who were surprised with his latest work.

He said that he loves it when people tell him that they didn’t know what to expect from this album, but that it turned out to be exactly what they needed. He even said that comments like this make his life better and increase his wish to make more music and create new things.

Here’s what Corey Taylor said in his recent interview:

“I’ve always been the guy that puts it out there that if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it wholeheartedly. So if I was going to do a solo album, I didn’t want it to feel like either of my other band. There would have been no point if I was going to do that, you know? If I was going to do a solo album, I wanted it to represent a whole different part of my musical prowess, and songwriting talent.

And that’s really where this stuff came from — most of these songs have been sitting around for almost 20 years. I love the fact that people are so taken aback by it — that’s the best compliment I’ve heard about this album so far, that people are, like, ‘I didn’t know what to expect, but it was exactly what I needed.’ That fucking makes my life, man.”

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