During a recent post on Twitter, Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor revealed that he will be sharing the details and his feelings about the CMFT tour every day via Rolling Stone.

As you might remember, Corey Taylor decided to released a solo album after all the tours being canceled last year, and released CMFT in October 2020. After a while, he announced that he will promote this album by touring.

Four days ago, Corey and his solo band played on the stage for the first time under the safety precautions and amazed the crowd after one year. Also, Corey revealed today that he will be writing a tour diary on Rolling Stones day by day to share his feelings and thoughts.

Furthermore, started his diary by mentioning their first show in Tempe. According to Corey, the crowd was losing their minds after the first song even though they weren’t as close as they used to be. Also, he said that the positivity and the energy were on top during the show.

Here is what Corey Taylor said:

“The CMFTour is underway after more than a year without performing for a crowd. Follow the journey with my tour diary for Rolling Stone.”

You can check out the post below.