Photo Credit: Corey Taylor's Instagram Page

Slipknot’s legendary frontman, Corey Taylor’s beautiful fiancee Alicia Dove posted a recent photo on her verified Instagram account and made an important about new Girl Gang episode.

Alicia thanked her groupmates, her fans and of course, her lover Corey Taylor. Corey liked the photo as always.

Here’s her statement:

“Thank you to everyone who watched #GirlGang. The love and support has been overwhelming and this is something I am very proud of.

Thank you to @nathanmowery and @kindpunkfilm for going back and forth with me daily, and to @coreytaylor for guiding me in this new venture.

Thank you to the ladies of @cherrybombsofficial for being lionesses in their own right, and everyone involved in this project for their hard work, support, and contribution. 🖤

Next episode airs on Wednesday, July 24th. Make sure you’re subscribed. 🔥”

A user named miniature_sam asked:

“So, is it gonna be like real stuff that’s going on with the Cherry Bombs, or is it like a fake reality show, like Jersey Shore?”

Alicia responded:

 “It is all 100% real I’m a terrible actress.”

You can see the photo below.