Alicia Taylor, the wife of Slipknot and Stone Sour star Corey Taylor, has announced that, for the first time, she’s brought in a male performer other than Corey for the upcoming debut dance/cirque rock ‘n’ roll virtual show of Cherry Bombs.

Las Vegas-based girl group, Cherry Bombs, dropped the news that they are getting ready to take the next step within their evolution through ‘Macabarét,’ a virtual theater combining daring skill-sets in a framework of dance and rock n roll.

Cherry Bombs founder, creative lead, and artistic director, Alicia Taylor, described the event, which is set for the first three days of January 2021, as a show completely different than the girl gang’s previous projects.

Upon the announcement, Alicia revealed that she spent months writing a fun and entertaining storyline for this new production, loosely based on folklore surrounding the goddess Pele and what happens to those who cross her.

‘Macabarét’ follows the story of a man tangled in a delicious web of torment and retribution. When he finds himself stranded in the middle of the desert, he makes his way to an unassuming saloon, hoping for help, but what he finds is a taste of his own medicine at the White Dog Saloon.

Alicia Taylor has recently reminded her followers to get their tickets for the groundbreaking event as the ticketing ends at Noon PST on December 31. She also said that she has found the male star of the virtual show who will take you through the storyline. However, the sneak peek Taylor shared proved that the male gazer is somebody other than Corey Taylor.

Here’s what Alicia Taylor said in her recent tweet:

For the first time ever, I’ve brought in a male performer for a Cherry Bombs show. He is the character that will take you through the storyline- you will experience the White Dog Saloon through his eyes.

Get your discount ticket while you still can.”

You can see the tweet and the trailer of the show below.