Alicia Taylor, the wife of Slipknot and Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor, recently posted a video of herself training on her Instagram account and gave her followers a life-changing tip considering picking the right personal trainer while revealing who her all-time favorite PT is.

As you may know, Alicia Taylor founded her dance and performance group Cherry Bombs which she is now actively directing and managing. The professional fire dancer and artist got married to Corey Taylor back in 2019 and the couple has been leading a ‘happily ever after’ type of life ever since.

Although Alicia already has a lot on her plate, it seems like she still loves going to the gym and working out with a personal trainer who helps her achieve her goals. It is probably her way of creating some time for just herself in which she can concentrate on her well-being and goals. In her recent Instagram post, Alicia said that even though she has been training with personal trainers most of her adult life, it was not until recently that she found the perfect one.

Alicia stated that her personal trainer owns the gym ‘Bikini Fitness‘ in Las Vegas and told her fans that if they are looking for a trainer in that area then ‘it’s a no-brainer.’ However, as for the people who are elsewhere, they can still take her classes because she also does online training.

Here’s what Alicia Taylor said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“Finding the right trainer can be life-changing. I’ve been training with personal trainers most of my adult life – some were awesome, some were not. Some were really expensive, and some were not. They’re all over the place. I’ve been certified in training myself (NASM and CrossFit), and even when I was coaching, I wanted a trainer. So, I say all that to say IF you’re in the market… It’s all about finding the one that works best for YOUR goals, someone who LISTENS to you, and GUIDES you because they care. For me, that’s Bikini Fitness. Yes, she’s in Las Vegas, so if you’re here, it’s a no-brainer. But if you live elsewhere, you’re in luck, because she also does online training. 💪 Check her page out and see the results for yourself.

I prefer 1 on 1 training, but she also provides small and social distanced group classes. Don’t let all the pink paint fool you, this place is a torture chamber!”

Click here to check out the video that Alicia Taylor posted on her Instagram account.