Cherry Bombs’ beautiful dancer and also known as the lovely wife of Slipknot star Corey Taylor, Alicia Taylor, posted a recent tweet on his official Twitter account and revealed why she’s mad at Instagram.

As you might remember, Alicia is currently using Corey’s last name after the marriage, and she has been struggling with these changes because of the paper works.

Today, she posted a recent tweet about that issue and showed her furious to Instagram for not being able to change her username.

Here is what Alicia Taylor wrote:

“Weird feeling being in between two last names with all my documents.

Even fucking Instagram won’t let me change my name without contacting them.”

A fan named Kristen replied:

“It really is bullshit what you have to go through. I ended up taking/sending both copies of my SS card, birth certificate, and marriage certificate everywhere. That was usually sufficient. Still a PITA though.”

Another fan named Ariel said:

“I’m about to deal with this. Add in two countries. Gonna try to do it ALL before submitting visa documents though. Cause that’ll be a nightmare.”

You can read Alicia’s tweet below.