Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor’s wife and leader of Cherry Bombs, Alicia Taylor, responded to the harassment she got from a fan on Twitter and warned her for the last time.

As you can see in the conversation below, a fan named Rebecca tried to bully Alicia by replying to her photo, and apparently, this wasn’t the first time. In the tweet of Alicia, we learned that she has been doing this for a while.

After seeing another harassment from her, Alicia went crazy and responded that she should stop doing this pathetic behavior, or she will be facing a lawsuit as soon as possible.

Here is what Rebecca Floyd said to Alicia’s post:

“Like those muscle tees do ya.”

Alicia Taylor replied:

“Rebecca Floyd. I have sent you a C&D already. Stop contacting and harassing me, my friends, my family, and my colleagues under multiple accounts (some of which are fanatical, and most that are hate). Stop making websites about me. This is your final warning before I go to legal.

Stop contacting my dancers, stop creating several accounts so it looks like more people agree with you. Stop using ‘positive’ accounts like this one to interact with and manipulate my followers into befriending you. Kindly fuck off. And never come after Griff again.”

Another fan named Jay Adams wrote:

“Jesus Christ, she doesn’t give up, does she? Maybe she should find out what it’s like to be constantly harassed. A lot of us got a lot of time on our hands.”

You can read the conversation below.