Slipknot guitarist Jim Root recently posted a series of guitar photos on his official Instagram account and responded to a fan who told him that he should have gotten an advanced and extravagant custom-made guitar, instead of his really basic custom one.

Just some days ago, Jim Root announced on his Instagram account that he will be posting the photos of some of his guitars and explain what he’s planning on doing with them. He had mentioned that some of them are in a rough shape but that what he wants is to do is to give ‘some insight as to the variety, or lack thereof of guitars’ he loves to play with.

Here’s what he had said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Over the next few days, I’m gonna throw up some guitar pics that I mentioned in the previous post. I don’t have pics of them all and some of these I won’t be letting go. Just kinda sharing what I have at home and giving you guys some insight as to the variety, or lack thereof of guitars I pick up.”

After posting seven photos of some of the guitars he has used over the years, he decided to post one of his favorite ones, a Fender Custom Shop Flathead. Apparently, he enjoyed playing it during numerous Slipknot tours, which is the reason why the guitar is now in a rough shape but can still be fixed after a good cleaning.

Here’s what he wrote in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Custom Shop Flathead. They’re in pretty rough shape from touring, but I’ll get to them and clean them up eventually.”

His fans were very excited to see a world-renown guitarist share his instruments and were inspired by his wish to fix them instead of just getting new ones. However, some were surprised to see that Jim Root preferred to get classic ones instead of flashy and expensive instruments. In specific, one user said that he’s surprised as Root could get any advanced custom-made guitar that he wanted but instead, he decided to stick with a cool but very basic one.

This comment probably came as a shock to a guitarist such as Root since he has spent approximately 30 years of his life playing guitar in famous bands such as Stone Sour and Slipknot. Nonetheless, he responded politely by saying that instead of ‘basic’ he prefers the term ‘classic’ and added that ‘Classics never go out of style.’

Here is what the fan said:

“You could get any guitar you wanted, any shape, any finish and you got this… It’s cool but VERY basic for a custom.”

Here is what Root said:

“I prefer ‘classic.’ Classics never go out of style.”

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