Michael Shawn Crahan, the last remaining original member of Slipknot, mostly known as ‘The Clown,’ shared a picture on his official Instagram page. He posted a black and white picture of himself and he dedicated his birthday to people around him.

M. Shawn Crahan often uses his Instagram page in order to share pictures of himself as his stage persona ‘The Clown,’ and Slipknot‘s stage moments, even sometimes only his fans’ pictures. He mostly writes one or two words as a caption under his pictures, nothing too personal or emotional.

This time, Crahan posted a picture of himself on his birthday on his official Instagram page and the caption took fans’ attention since it has an explanation about a change he decided to do for his birthday.

He opened up about his decision to put others first and he thanked everyone who has been there for him. He also stated that he feels blessed to have so many people around him that he cares for. Here is what Crahan said about his birthday:

“I decided today for my birthday I’m going to put myself second and put everyone around me first. So blessed to have so many around me that I care for. Thank you, everyone.”

You can see the Instagram post below.