Slipknot percussionist Michael Shawn Crahan, known as ‘Clown,’ spoke in a recent conversation with The Electric Theater of Knotfest and revealed if he talked Corey Taylor or not after his solo album.

As you might recall, Corey Taylor announced that he will be releasing a new solo album named ‘CMFT’ in October 2020, and he already released some singles from the album like CMFT Must Be Stopped, Black Eyes Blue, and many more.

In the chat, Clown mentioned the speculations about himself that claim he won’t talk to Corey due to making his own album and ended these rumors by saying that it is annoying to see these kinds of comments in the community.

Furthermore, Clown stated that Corey Taylor is his favorite singer in his favorite band and showed his admiration for Corey. In this way, Clown also showed his respect for the iconic vocalist of the band and proved that they are not just a bandmate.

Here is what Clown said:

“It’s disheartening, it bugs me a little bit that there may be people out there that may think, ‘Well, Clown won’t talk to Corey,’ and blah blah… What I want to talk about is this idea of Corey Taylor who we all know.

People probably don’t know that you’re my favorite singer in my favorite band. This thing that I want to talk about today, which is called ‘solo,’ how important that word is to you? Everyone else wants you potentially to stick on the thing that they deem most important for them…”

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