Slipknot percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan was the latest interview guest of the YouTube channel of Knotfest this week, and he talked about how he managed to handle the unexpected loss of his daughter in 2019.

As you may already know, Slipknot star’s lovely daughter named Gabrielle has passed away from this world due to a drug overdose. Only a few days before her death, Gabrielle had shared the picture of her sobriety coin and stated that she was five months sober. However, she was found dead after the police department responded to a call of an overdose.

In his latest interview with Mosh Talks’ Beez, Clown talked about grieving the loss of his daughter once again, and he stated that when someone has such a loss in the family, you can’t even imagine the backward steps you take. He also shared the story of someone on social media who said something about his daughter before her death.

Here is what Clown said:

“As you know, I’ve had a loss in my family, and when you have a loss like that, you can’t imagine the steps backward you take, and the words that come to mind that you have to take notice of and then take stock to.

And there’s not a single thing anybody in the world is going to say that’s going to change it. Period. End of story. Think about that – there’s nothing anybody in the world could ever teach me. I’m a human that can be taught. No one can teach me or give me a tool that will make that acceptable, ever!

So you take a lot of steps backward and when you do that, you notice, ‘Wow, I’ve been abusing my own art.’ For example, so it makes sense to people. So we make sense to people, and that’s why ghosts just sit back there with that look.”

He continued:

“I don’t want to mention names but take an app, a social media app that we can share pictures on. And we do it, and in ways, it’s impersonal, in ways it’s personal. The ones that make it personal make it such a big deal. I don’t get it!

We could talk for hours, that’s fine. I’m doing it right now, you’re doing it, but we’d like to believe we are doing it for a reason. But there’s definitely a fact that there’s no reasoning behind that, some of it.

But then there’s the other side of it that I might just post something once in a while for the hell of it, that I’m not looking for what everybody else is. But then what I’ve learned is maybe the way I see it could be a correct way, but maybe I’m really punishing the ones that need something from me.”

You can watch the interview below.

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