Last week, Slipknot revealed its long awaited new album’s release date. As we expect, Slipknot will release their 6th album on August 9.

Slipknot haven’t given much details about songs, or the title of the album yet. However, Shawn ‘Clown‘ Crahan revealed some information about upcoming album.

Clown had a recent interview with Kerrang Magazine, and said that this album is like discovering Slipknot again. He also stated that no album is better or worse than each other for him.

Here is what he said:

“I would have to say [the new album is] like discovering Slipknot all over again – but the way it always needed to be. I’m not a fan of the sound quality of our first album, because there’s a noise in my head.

I’m not speaking for anybody else here, and I’m not trying to take anything away, so, please, don’t fuck up my words here! The bottom line is, for me, there’s a noise in my head that’s constantly going as I grow old.

When I started the band, I was 26 years old, okay? I’m going to be 50 in September, and the noise changes. So this album is like… not being given another chance, because we don’t need a chance. We’re here.

But this album is like discovering us all over again as older human beings. You got a certain sort of war in ’98, and now you’re going to get another war in 2019.

No albums are better or worse than each other, and they’re all important to our legacy, and our story. But what I’m trying to tell you is: that first album is like being smacked in the face with a garbage can, or a bat. It’s a fucking assault on your soul.

With this album, because I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring, I have to look at this being it. Every time we come out, people are like, ‘What’s Slipknot going to do? Who are they going to be?’ And I really feel this is like me coming out again.

I can’t explain it. But it’s like discovering us all over again. We’re back to help the new generation discover it like they first did in ’98.”

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